DJ Deri Santana (Brazil) – Brazil Roots, Cumbia, Afro


Brazil Roots, Cumbia ,Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Trip-Hop …


Organizado para desorganizar! (Chico Science)
 Tidied up to devastate!

This quote guides the set of DJ Deri Santana, who tries to break common conventions by his music.

Born in Rio de Janeiro and famous for being the DJ, getting everyone dancing, he began deejaying with only 15 at small parties of his friends. Later in his college days, he began developing deejaying to a professional standard. For many years he had hosted the “West Beats Party” in West Rio de Janeiro. Back then his style was rather electronic but during the years his style has become more and more diverse.


Down to the present day his mix has been influenced by Afro-Brazilian rhythms rooted in Candomblé, Maracatú and other styles of the northeast of Brazil.

As a historian, beyond the world of music he is keen on exploring these African origins of the Brazilian culture. Besides traditional rhythms, DJ Deri Santana also attends to modern musical influences such as Hip Hop und Trap.

On Mixcloud he is posting his latest mixes on a regular basis. He is convinced to be able to introduce the culture of his native country to the people likes this.

For many years he has been living in Europe, currently in Paris, where he is lecturing at the university. He has been DJ in various metropolises such as Madrid, Hamburg, Berlin or Vienna and he made the hips of his audience wiggle.